The Blathering: Second Chances

There is nothing better than a second chance. It doesn’t really matter what you’re getting a second chance at either (for the most part, anyway). There are many levels and situations, but speaking for the positive ones, getting a second chance to “do it right this time” is really a gift from a Higher Power. As I have stated before on quite a few occasions, I am not a religious man, but I try to think of spirituality on a daily basis. 

Recently, I have been given a  second chance with the people I love. My wife, my kids, my extended family and even some friends. Each and every day is bright and beautiful because of how I feel about this second chance. I am now very mindful of my this gift I have and I consider every possible consequence of even the smallest decision.

Sometimes things happen – reminders of past mistakes or bad times – whatever it may be. These can cause stress if your relationship is not strong. That is not the case in mine because of my Second Chances; things are stronger than they have ever been. 

If you’re ever blessed enough to get a second chance with someone you love, make it count because there are no third chances. 

Today’s Gratitude:

My wife Kelly is always the epitome of class. She has dealt with so many adversities over the years and yet she is adored by not only me and our family, but her patients and co-workers. I am so proud of the job she does! She is so incredibly great at her job and she has tons of ‘Strong Stars’ (see below) to back that up. She greets everyone with a smile and I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t think she was delightfully funny. Her sense of humor was one of the main reasons I fell in love with her. That and her sparkling eyes ❤

Share your gratitude in the comments – or simply just think of one and really explore how it makes you feel. Just remember my new motto: “Today Can Be the best Day of Your Life if You Let It!”

[A Strong Star is awarded to employees by patients and also fellow co-workers for going above and beyond the normal call of duty at URMC.] 

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