The Blathering: How Does Karma Work?

How Does Karma Work? (really)


I have been messing with the idea of good and bad Karma for some years now and it wasn’t until I searched up “How does Karma work?” at Professor Google that I found the answer I was looking for. It turns out that Karma is very malleable and can bend and twist and align itself with your innermost feelings. Huh? Yeah – gobbledygook perhaps, but the image I stole for this post pretty much nails it.KARMA Do you believe in fear-based or love-based Karma? Because your answer to that question will define how you interact with the idea and “laws” of Karma. [Disclaimer: I am not schooled in Karma, this post is simply discussing my recent understanding and experiences with it.]

Scenario 1: Fear-Based

Try and imagine you are in a situation with a person and you are doing something illegal like robbing a bank. Let’s now factor in an awakening: you have figured out that what you are doing is wrong and you want to change your ways. In doing so, you have decided that your partner in crime is a bad influence on you. That person was around when you were on a bad road and now you have realized that associating with this person is not in your best interest – and you make this known. The person lashes out by telling you Karma will catch up with you. There will be consequences for abandoning them and you’ll pay eventually. 

I have heard of this approach and it never made sense to me. If you are doing the right thing, Karma is your friend. It is when you are involved with the illicit that Karma gives you a kick in the chops. I have known this to be true for years and years. 

I grew up a Catholic boy and was taught that God or Jesus was watching me everywhere – even while I was in the bathroom. We learned that Jesus sees and knows everything you do and are going to do. It always messed with my idea of free will. If Jesus knows that I am going to get mixed up with some unsavory people, steal a car and shoot a cop – why didn’t he warn me?? Because Jesus doesn’t get involved – or does he? Judgement Day! Remember that? We’re watching a movie of all of our bad deeds in front of our Grandparents and Jesus in Heaven’s Cinema?! It is all so confusing. But this is why I tend to believe in Karma. Karma sees what you’re doing and responds in kind. If you do bad things, it ATTRACTS bad to you. If you do good things, it ATTRACTS good to you.  This is why I am a big fan of the next scenario.

Scenario 2: Love-Based

Love is always the better emotion. Love is positive and helps you through anything you encounter. Fear is negative and does nothing except save you from getting eaten by an animal or it might help you lift a car off of your buddy’s legs. 

Remember the lessons George Lucas taught us about fear and love. One is Darth Vader and one is Yoda. This graphic I stole off the interwebs is a perfect primer:

Emotion Chart

Here you can see the good stuff on the top of the chart and the bad stuff on the bottom. The Law of Attraction and Karma are two sides of the same coin. Or, they are the same side of the same coin, just spelled differently or something. 

So imagine that you are now moving on from the crimes or illicit things. The bad people in your life are no longer in your life and you are embracing all of the love you can embrace. You get it from your spouse, your children, your good friends, etc. You have learned the lessons from when you were being bad and you now know never to make those mistakes again. Karma knows where you’re headed and can see directly into your heart. Karma, unlike Jesus, doesn’t want to watch you while you’re in the bathroom.

Today’s Gratitude: Minutes

MINUTESThere are not enough minutes in the day to spend with my wife. I think back at each minute I wasted over the last 15 years and I want to make them all up. Each minute I spent angry or indignant, I want them back. Just like Mouth wanted his wishes back from the old Moss Garden Wishing Well in The Goonies, I want my minutes back. I know I cannot get them back but I will now make sure each and every minute I have with her is spent correctly. So, today I am grateful for the minutes I have to look forward to…with her and with my kids. Minutes are valuable – enjoy each one you have. ❤



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