The Blathering: Believe in Your Dreams

This video popped up in my Facebook feed; it was about Star Wars so I had to watch. I could see some parallels between a young George Lucas and myself. We both have a vision and we both have experienced “NO!” The differences are too numerous to list here but I can identify with his passion and burning desire to make his film. I have a burning desire to make movies too. The first one is titled Bottom Feeders and it was initially written by Steve Miller and then he and I joined forces and did some script tweaking, so I had a hand in writing some of the most recent script. I’ve been creating narratives for a few years and now I am ready for something bigger and more fulfilling. The fact is that we need a producer who believes in and shares our vision. If you read this and you are the kind person who appreciates passion and determination, you should look more into our film. I’ve posted our pitch video a few times and we’ve gotten a great response, especially from the Kevin Smith fan-base.  

I really don’t care if anyone believe in this dream of  mine, because I am going to make it happen. One day, you can look back on this post and say, “Yes, he did make it happen.”

Get off your duff and do something cool with us – change your life with me.




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