The Blathering: EYES WIDE OPEN

Coffee anyone?

Muchas Gracias!

Thanks SO MUCH for the outpouring of support. It came from so many unexpected and expected sources – but it was real and I appreciate that very much. I am not brave by any means – I’m a cowardly lion “Put ’em up….put ’em up…”

Copyright MGM

But I have a very unique platform that many other do not. I can stand on my digital (and radio) soapbox and shout about it. Over the years, even with my loving family and friends close by, I have felt terribly alone. As I walk out of the fog of my own head, I can see the clearing and there are many people standing there with smiles and warmth. But, I am sad to think that there are so many who are not as fortunate. A better man would mobilize and take this message to the masses – force change! (Calvary bugles blaring) Maybe one day – but right now I am going to continuebeing selfish by taking care of myself and make sure I am moving forward with the veritas.

Writing is…

I used to call myself a writer. Then, I met actual writers and I looked at my own writing with disbelief. Sure, I thought it was great…like Ed Wood thought his films were the greatest of all time! Each one of my blog posts is my Plan 9 From Outer Space. [Hang on a sec, I have to do a break on the radio, BRB…ok I am back – I screwed it up- apparently I should make sure my board it set correctly before I start mashing the buttons with my bear paws] ANYWHO…

What is writing to you? I know some people who revel in their wordsmithing. I definitely need a larger vocabulary (I wish I had paid more attention to my SAT vocab words at STA) but the Interwebs is a wonderful tool (in both senses of that word). 

Writing is therapeutic for me. Writing is something I can do to work through my own personal psychoses (yes, plural). I enjoy it and I want to get better at it. I have so much respect for those who can write – and more so for those who can compile and organize those writings into a collection of bound chapters we call “books”. I know a handful of folks who have written and published books. My hat is off to you. My hat is also off to anyone who can complete a coherent feature-length film screenplay. Or, someone who can write a daily blog with meaning and impact. Or those journos who can put together a really nice story about something important…and it makes you think about your own existence. I don’t think I’ll ever wear a hat again if I think of all of you a lot. Keep writing – we need you. 

I write to remember. I write to forget. I write to challenge myself and I write for comfort. I can visit old friends and relive old events. If I am so inclined, I can rewrite my past or invent my future. Writing is something my soul does – and my brain can’t always catch up. It is a lot like my mouth and brain disconnect. Stream of consciousness is my second skin. Writing can stop me from being stupid and it can also make me smarter. 

Try writing. (Besides, it is easier than math)

Peace and love. 

Today I am thankful for language. My word of the day is bespectacled. No reason, I just love that word. “I was greeted by a lanky, bespectacled man with a blue leisure suite and a spider monkey on his shoulder. I knew this was going to be a great day!” 


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