The Blathering: Give a Guy Flowers

Happy Spring!

I was out late last night – I took my daughter to see Rent at the Auditorium Theatre. It was fun! I have no idea what the hell was going on most of the time, but it was a great cast and I enjoyed the humor. I followed the general story arc, but the scenes really skewed into the unknown so often, by the time we hit intermission, I wasn’t sure where we were in the story. But I didn’t start this blog to write about Rent.

Give a Guy Flowers?

Yeah! Why not??? Does that make me GAY??? (GASP) No, it doesn’t. It means I really like flowers. Do you know why I love flowers? Let me explain…there is no time, let me sum up:

  • They brighten the room – flowers are pretty.
  • They make the room smell nice. Flowers (most of them) have a sweet aroma.
  • They are pure nature. Flowers are the product of nature’s perfect conversion of energy: photosynthesis. (I’m not a botanist, but I think I can make that statement)
  • Flowers represent newness, growth, change, vitality and life itself.

I would love to get flowers. I’d bring them into my new studio and enjoy them there. When I got up this morning, my kitchen was permeated with the succulent scents of these flowers that my wife picked from our yard.

The bouquet of aromas started my day of right. (First it was snuggling with my wife before I got up – but then the flowers)

Then, I saw this when I was driving in:


What a sky, right? How can you not have a fantastic day when you see that kind of a sky?

Then, the last thing that started my morning off was this pic of our newest kitty. We got him in December and he is just a joy. Finley:


My new catchphrase on the radio is: “Today can be the best day of your life if you let it”.

Why not, right? If you get flowers from someone – you’ll be well on your way!


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