The Blathering: Why Bother? (I’ll Tell You)

My Gripe List:

  • Starting this business cost more than I thought.
  • Meeting people who want to invest in a feature film is really hard.
  • Everything takes longer than I thought – like troubleshooting problems.
  • I am so busy I have difficulty making healthy meals for my family.
  • I haven’t made time to exercise.
  • My todo list grows exponentially each day.

I’ve found that making a daily gripe list is a great way to stay motivated and recognize where my negativity can come from. 

be-positiveDon’t Rock down to – Negative Avenue

Thomas Edison failed over 10,000 times before he invented the incandescent light bulb. I am not trying to invent the light bulb or anything groundbreaking like that, but my goals are just as important to me as Edison’s were to him. So, what would happen if I just gave up? Well, I have the answer because I have given up a number of times. I was in great shape in 2009 – best shape of my life, actually. I was 185 lbs and close to 15% body fat. I ran and lifted on a regular basis. I ate clean food and was very healthy – for the most part. But I still had a mental block and ended up giving it all up because I rocked down to Negative Avenue. I started a podcast and a blog called The Digital Diaper and it was a great idea, but I let that go away too. I’ve started hundreds of projects and never saw them through for one reason or another. I’m done with that way of life. 

Never Give Up Never Surrender!

I apologize for quoting Galaxy Quest, but it really hits the nail on the head here. Actually, I am not sorry for quoting that movie, it is worth quoting. I used to care what people thought.

Tim Allen as Peter Quincy Taggart; Galaxy Quest

I used to see myself as a screw-up; I used to see myself as a fool who was just tripping his way through life – moving from one silly adventure to the other, only looking forward to little moments of pleasure. Holy crap! I lived almost my entire life like a child! I see people younger than me doing wonderful things and now I have finally realized I can actually do wonderful things too!

Set deadlines, be prepared for setbacks, roll with the punches and most of all – memorize cliches so you can get back to being positive. 🙂 


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