The Blathering: The Viral Infection

Mass shootings are almost a weekly occurrence. Kids are killing themselves and live streaming it. Heroin and opioids are coursing through small town America’s veins like never before. WHY? I’m not at all qualified to answer that question, but I do have a hunch. Insta-Friend book and the tweeters.

The Social Experiment is Failing

Facebook was supposed to bring us all closer together. I’m pretty sure that’s how Mark Zuckerberg explained why the social media platform was invented (or stolen depending on how you interpret the story). I think it is doing the opposite. I can see it in my kids and it frightens me. It frightens me so much so that I am seriously doubting my efficacy as a parent. It scares me enough to rethink my own place in this society and how this is all supposed to work. So many people are klammering for their viral moment. That sounds nasty, but it is true.

Viral Noise

Both my daughters wish to go viral. They see the Youtube stars and they want to be that. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my friends and I wanted to be a rock star or a movie star. We could put on little shows or plays for our family or friends and be legends in our own minds or families. We didn’t have the means to get that little production out there and cross our little fingers in the hopes a big producer saw it and signed us up. Now, that’s totally a thing and everyone is taking a whack at it – but it is destroying us; It is destroying me.

VIRALIt kills me when I see them post something they think is going to make a difference, only to be met with indifference. They should not be doing that now, at their ages. They need to learn and understand how the world works before they learn about life’s cruel indifference – so they can be prepared enough to not let it get to them. They need to know and to understand that all of this viral noise doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter, right?

The irony is, I write this and I lie to myself that I don’t care if anyone reads it.



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