The Blathering: Jealousy is a Sh** Sandwich

One of the best scenes from one of the best films ever made. This clip has nothing to do with my subject for today, except the last part – because that’s where I got the idea for the title of this article. Jealousy has a “two word review…shit sandwich”.

Facebook doesn’t help you when you have tendencies towards jealousy. When you see your Facebook friend travelling every weekend to exotic places, or on his boat, or with her unusually gorgeous kids on a mountain in Aspen – it’s natural to feel the pangs of jealousy take hold. Don’t fall victim to that con. That is life’s con, I think. I have to steal this graphic that I saw in the film The Secret because it is spot freaking on!


Emotional Guidance
From Esther Hicks

Look at where Jealousy lives on this scale: #20! I don’t know what happens below #22, but I don’t want to find out. Imagine that when you feel jealousy, you are only two steps from the abyss! At the point you really need to do some spiritual math and solve this equation: A Better Day (A) = Jealousy (20) – x (which one?) 

I would suggest plugging in any number 13 or higher – that gets you to #7, contentment. If you have the gumption, throw a 19 in there and end up at joy. Hey, if you can do the math, why not?

My suggestion to you, if you see and feel these terrible emotions on a daily basis: 1. Get off social media. or 2. Unfollow those rich braggards until you are secure in your happiness. Then you’ll never have to take a bite of that sandwich!

Peace and Love, always.




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