The Blathering: Podcast for Business? [The answer is YES]

A Brief History of the Podcast

So – a podcast is no longer a podcast. Why? Because podcasts were invented by Dave Winer and MTV’s Adam Curry (the big hair) to be this way to subvert traditional broadcast methods and get a “radio show” to listeners.

Adam Curry on MTV

Lots of people had iPods then and folks were already syncing blog articles and reading them on iPods, why couldn’t they do it with an .mp3? They could and they did – by using enclosures within the html code you used to post your blog article. I know because I was messing with podcasts back in 2005 when it was really brand new. I didn’t know html and making a podcast was REALLY HARD. You have no idea how complicated it was. in 2007 my idol Kevin Smith figured it out and started his wildly popular SMODCAST. Then Adam Carolla did it and we were officially at the dawn of the Podcast Age! 

Podcast = Cheap Message Delivery

RADIOFast forward to 2018 and you can do a “podcast” with your phone and immediately post to a number of platforms with such a diverse listener base you can speak to millions with a tap of a touch screen…if they WANT to listen that is. But everyone has an audience now, right? The average person has 300-500 social media connections (usually more). Each one of those connections is a potential listener.

Unlimited Business Applications = Best Bang for your Buck!

Yes? We can be friends then, because now you can reach your current customers, potential customers and employees by producing a talk show. CEO addresses, conversations with market movers and shakers, employee of the month interviews, even an employee talent show. You name it! The applications are limitless! Your Learning and Organizational Development team could have a field day with this tech. 

I’ll just drop this idea in your ear. You don’t have time to put a podcast studio together, that’s why I did it for you. Swing by ROC Vox and see what we have. You can walk in, do a show, walk out and have a really professional audio product to get your message to your masses. (See us on the NEWS)



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