The Blathering: PMA = JOY

Life is a series of ups and down – crests and troughs, um.…positives and negatives…let’s see, uhhh – oh, I’ve got it – Good Tweets and Bad Tweets! Yeah, so there are all of your cliches for you. But seriously folks, the importance of a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) can be measured in units of JOY. Joy is a big word, I know…and it should not be thrown around casually like yesterday’s sack of turtles (you do that, right?)


Anywho – check this out.  I was very close to working on a long term eLearning project with a big company and it was going to be a guaranteed amount of work for the next year or longer. But then I got the “Dear Scott” email, which basically said things had changed and it was no longer happening. In the past I would have spiraled into a bad mood, which would have reverberated to the rest of my life. But instead, I went the other way…I went the way of PMA.

I decided to focus on how grateful I was to even be considered for that project and I concentrated on my tasks for the day and kept smiling – telling myself that another one would come along. I responded to them with a huge thank you for even asking me if I would bid on the job and wished them luck on the project.

Guess what? They emailed back a few days later and the situation mysteriously changed and they would like to work with me. I know, the cynics would say that it was always going to happen that way, regardless of my attitude. I will respond with one thought: they may be correct, but I spent that day in a great mood rather than in a terrible dark and worrisome place. So, it’s a win win for me no matter how you slice it.

I like to attribute the fact that they came back to me with the work because of my attitude. Now, you can believe whatever you want, but my way was much more fun and way less stressful.

Try PMA for a Day and you will agree. 🙂

Peace and Love, Always.



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