The Blathering: The Power of ‘Do It Now’!

Arnold’s thespian prowess notwithstanding, shall we discuss the importance of the “Do It Now” philosophy? It is the exact opposite of procrastination – and procrastination is the devil’s video game. If you have an idea, you must ACT!

I listened to an audio book some years ago and only now are the messages resonating with me. Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone. This is a great book, though the one I listened to was definitely outdated – yet the principles held fast and true. PMA Book

I Have My Own Studio Because of DO IT NOW!

I keep mentioning my new business – mainly because I am scared to death that I have taken this leap into the world of entrepreneurship. It’s a good kind of fear. The kind that drives you forward and not backwards into the corner.

But when I was presented with this opportunity, I didn’t sit on my brains and wait. I jumped on it. I went right into a brainstorming session with my wife, Kelly and we came up with a plan, executed the plan and got the ball rolling in only a few weeks. I knew that if I sat on it and waited for “things to happen”, I would miss the boat.

The Universe Knows You

I believe in an intelligence much greater than me (other than Kelly). That intelligence responds to my thought vibrations. My thoughts were laser focused on a new opportunity that could bring me to the next level. It happened and I didn’t hesitate. It may come in the form of a fleeting idea or it may strike you like lightning struck the Hill Valley Clock Tower on November 12th 1955. Make sure you are ready with your DeLorean and skyhook, because you will have only one chance to get back to your future. (Yeah, I freely admit that was all a stretch, but the point was made!)


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