The Blathering Blog: Small Biz Owner Stress Vs. Employee Stress: a No-Brainer

This past week has been manic!

A bunch of projects for clients all kind of came to a head at once. This is the biggest problem with owning a business as a second job. I have a boatload of work to get through and I cannot get to any of it until I complete my day job. Luckily, that only goes to 11 (for real, that’s not a Spinal Tap reference, but thank you for playing). I work early and get out early, so I can then make a bee-line for the studio and get to work.

I found myself extremely stressed out yesterday.

I was over-tired and overwhelmed with the workload. But something interesting popped into my head: I really enjoyed it. I wasn’t busting hump for some manager who wasn’t going to do anything special for me for all of my hard work. I wasn’t losing sleep so someone else could make a nice profit. It’s mine! (Well, ours – I have partners). But we’re partners – as in…we all put in effort for the greater good of our business.

RIck Moranis in the very underrated HBO film, “Head Office”

I absolutely LOVE going the extra mile for one of my clients.

It shows how much I care about the product I deliver to them. It makes them want to bring more projects to me. I have fun with my clients! We laugh, make jokes and have a real blast! But when it comes to making sure the project is done and done right – it’s a serious game. 

This business is by far the greatest game I have ever played – because I own the team now. 


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