The Blathering Blog: It Should Not Be a Struggle to Stay Positive…Right?

Life is definitely a series of wins and losses – ups and downs – crests and troughs – cliches and eureka moments. 🙂 

Sometimes I have a day that is just one positive thought and experience after another. Those days are the BEST! Great things happen all day long and it feels like I am owning this life. Then, there are days like today. Jealousy  (why can’t I have what he or she has? – or how come I have to work so hard and everything just comes to them so easily?)

Yeah – these are struggles that most of us must endure and overcome. But how? Well, one great way is to have a Home Team. Mine is my family and friends. When I have those negative feelings, it helps me to bring up those thoughts and discuss them with my Home Team so we can figure out where they are coming from and how we can flip them positive.

Jack-Canfield-quotesI just watched a documentary about the great Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup For the Soul book series. He’s a tremendous human being and is a huge inspiration. He recommends surrounding yourself with positive people only. Do an assessment of the people you spend the majority of your time with. Put a plus (+) next to their name if you would consider them a positive person or a minus (-) if you consider them a negative person. Then, you only consort with the pluses. You become a combination of the people you spend most of your time with – so this makes perfect sense.

So, how do you stop struggling to be positive?

  1. Form a Home Team (of positive people)
  2. Do your assessment and only hang out with the plusses.

It may seem like it is wrong to disassociate with the negative people in your life. But whose life is it, yours or theirs?

Peace and Love, always. – Fitz


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