The Blathering Blog: Being Powerless is OK

Make no mistake when you are contemplating powerlessness. This is not a state of weakness by any means. It simply means you lack the power to control whatever it is you are dealing with. I am POWERLESS over the weather. Should I worry about if it is going to rain on our day at Sea Breeze? I could. But why should I waste my brain’s energy on worrying about something I cannot control? Senseless.

I am powerless over the fact that the dude on the motorcycle two cars back is going to fly past me doing a wheelie at 120mph. WheelieIt can annoy me that he feels that he can behave that way and put my well being in jeopardy because he might be lacking in some other part of his life. But I cannot allow myself to get frustrated over these things. He’s going to do what he’s going to do.

I am powerless over so many things, people, circumstances and events. However, that does not mean I am weak. I have power over my thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions.

So, when the dude zooms past me like the douche that he is, I don’t have to get mad and flip him off – because I am powerful enough to let it go. I can smile and know that (unfortunately) that behavior will eventually come back to him.

Once you embrace your powerlessness – you free yourself up to accept more power. Power to do good, power to love, power to decide the things that matter most to you. Today, you should accept your powerlessness and embrace it – you will feel empowered.

Peace, Love and Empowerment, Always…




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