The Blathering Blog: Rise Above the Noise (3 Things to Consider)

Ironically, today I launched the podcast version of this blog, so I am adding to the noise – but maybe not!

The noise is all around us. Social media, cable news, even print exists! Radio shows, PODCASTS, webcasts – apps OH MY! Where do I begin and where does it all stop?

Hello? Hogwash?

Yes, I called HOGWASH. It is only noise if you don’t care about it. Are you a consumer of History Podcasts? Well, maybe a sports podcast is just noise to you. That’s why knowing your audience is key if you want to RISE ABOVE the noise. I am not saying anything groundbreaking right now – and I know you know it. But maybe you just needed a reminder.


3 things to consider today. 

  • Who will listen to you and why?
  • What must you do to reach your listeners?
  • How will you know you’ve reached them?

Start by asking people.

“Hey Tom, I notice you really like that basket weaving podcast. What made you want to listen to it?” Tom’s response might wow you. Not only does Tom love basket weaving podcasts – but he also loves comedy…and this basket weaving podcast invites comedians on each week to ask them about their basket weaving experience. relevance14-510x362-300x213It’s a much better podcast than the others, they are all so scientific – and that doesn’t really get Tom excited. Yes, Tom is an odd bird, but he teaches us a valuable lesson: be an askhole.

LEARN from others.

Find a successful person and ask them how they got to be there. Some people will happily share their stories. Others might not – and you don’t need them in your life anyhow. There is so much abundance in the Universe, there is enough for everyone and then some; there is no reason you cannot have a nice big slice o’ dat pie. Make a list of your top 10 favorite podcasts and reach out to them or look on their sites for FAQ’s.

Again, be an askhole. 

Ask for feedback. Give people a way to contact you directly and ask them to tell you what they think. Some people cannot wait for the opportunity to tell you what you’re doing wrong (just read the comments on anything anywhere). But you don’t need to see that as a negative – it’s totally a positive thing. Those people tell us what they want and that kind of feedback can always help. As you get better at this, you’ll start to recognize the real feedback, from the troll-fodder.

Peace and Love, Always…


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Here’s the first episode of the Podcast. I am catching up with older posts I wanted to Blather about:


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