The Blathering Blog: Vision Boards

I first learned about vision boards from John Assaraf in the movie The SecretHe talks about how he used to have a bulletin board and he would pin pictures of the things he wanted on it. From watches to houses and everything in between – he pinned it on that board. Fast forward a few years in the story, John was moving into his new house and he found his old vision board in a box and he ended up buying the EXACT SAME house that was on his vision board! Not a house like it, but they exact house. VISION BOARD

Skeptics in 3…2…1

I started a vision board in 2009. On the board was a brand new MacBook Pro, a new Ford Pickup, the logo for my company at the time (that I was just starting), a happy pic of my family, a nice beach house and a boat. Now, I ended up taking that vision board down because I gave up on my dreams. I have a real bad track record with positivity and positive practices. I know that this might soil my rep with you and what I am trying to do here – and all I can say is: ‘that’s your choice’. But I am here to tell you that I have seen these things happen. Even after I gave up, some of them were beginning to manifest. Had I powered through, I would not be starting over.

  1. I did get the MacBook Pro (I just got a new one in December – the very one from my board)
  2. I did a bunch of short films under my company name of Fair Port Pictures – and that experience lead me to the creation of ROC Vox.
  3. My family is now happy.

BUT – (there is always a but) – I don’t have the winter home in the Caribbean, I don’t have the new truck and I don’t have the boat (YET).

Doing the Workdo-the-work

Why didn’t it all work? The answer is WORK. Yes, I didn’t do the work. I didn’t try to power through my shortcomings. I didn’t seek help when I needed help. I didn’t try to improve and I let the negative forces in my life rule my attitude. Doing the work means something different to everyone. It may mean going back to school or working a second job to save money. It may mean getting therapy to help quit destructive behavior like drinking or drug addiction. If you want your visions to come true there are many steps you must take. 

Doing the work means finding out how to do things you don’t know how to do from those who know how to do it. So find a mentor – find a teacher – search the web. The wisdom is out there and you can learn it and start to change your life.

Peace and Love, always…




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