Positive Blatherings: Today Was Created Just For You

For almost 10 years I have been struggling with life. What was making it so difficult for me to walk around with love in my heart? No, I didn’t find Jesus or Krishna – and there would be nothing wrong with me if I had. I am not going to subscribe to any one dogma, unless belief in the beauty of life is a dogma – the I am guilty as charged. 

Recently, I have come to believe what I have always heard – ‘each day is a gift’. I KNOW there is someone who is really down right now and he or she is wondering HOW today could possibly be a gift. Nevertheless, it is – and it was created just for YOU!

Once you believe that each day is a gift and that it was created just for you, you will begin to reap the rewards of that life. I firmly believe that. I still struggle with the negativity gnomes, I really do. Nasty GnomeThose little buggers weasel their way into my brain and try to subvert my attitude of gratitude. At first they are kind of cute and it feels good, like petting a cat. But then the cat’s fur turns to broken glass. Yes, I may be mixing metaphors and even confusing myself with my descriptors, but you get the idea. Kick those dastardly gnomes out to the weeds in the garden of life and focus on cultivating your beautiful flower of life….right now!

Today was made especially for you – to accomplish something and move forward in your intended quest to be a good human. 

Peace and Love, always…



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