Positive Blatherings: Do You Have An Accountability Coach? (Get one ASAP)

Accountability is a really popular word these days. Maybe because so many people in the public eye are suddenly having to become accountable for their actions. But that is not the kind of accountability I wanted to discuss with you today. This is the better kind of accountability – the daily kind, the kind that helps you get to your goals.

No Money? No Problem

So, if you look it up – Accountability Coaches are a real thing. They are people who get paid to keep you in line. It seemed to me like it was a made-up job for rich socialites who wanted to pay someone to keep them going to their personal trainer and not skip out on the gym so they can go sailing on their yacht instead. Perhaps, but you can use this same concept and “employ” your own Accountability Coach – you don’t have to pay them a dime because your coach is your best friend (or partner or son or whatever).

Have Others Keep You In Line

Angry AbieWhat happens when someone is nagging you all the time to do something…or NOT to do something? You either listen or you don’t, right? So, if you are a chronic non-listener – then you would not want to hire someone anyway, because you would be throwing that money away. But if you ask someone close to you to be your accountability coach, you are more likely to listen to them because (hopefully) you respect or love them enough to not marginalize them during your day to day routine. (Again, hopefully!)

Try asking someone to be your Accountability Coach – but make sure when you do that, you are planning on accepting the accountability when it comes – because it will!!!! 🙂

Peace and Love, Always…

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