Positive Blatherings: Burn Your Ships; Eliminate Retreat!

In one of my favorite films about the cold war, Captain Ramius (Sean Connery) motivated his men by telling them he had dispatched a letter to the Admiral, notifying him of his intention to defect to the USA. His officers were quite disturbed by hearing this news, but Ramius simply told them a tale from history – about Cortez: Connery

In July 1519, his men took over Veracruz. By this act, Cortés dismissed the authority of the Governor of Cuba to place himself directly under the orders of King Charles.[11] In order to eliminate any ideas of retreat, Cortés scuttled his ships…

This was Ramius’s lesson to his men, that there was no turning back. It was the US or bust! They HAD to achieve their goal or they would all most certainly be killed. This is a mindset you must maintain if you wish to achieve your goals. Now, I am not advocating any kind of real burning of real ships, but if you want to get to your ‘New World’, you must eliminate any and all routes of retreat. It will force you to win – because you have no other choice. In my podcast below, listen to how my good friend and colleague Jim Sidoti,eliminated his options for retreat., by treating his proposed career as one he is already working in on a day to day basis. 


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