Positive Blatherings: Respect Everyone, Always.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to ME! What does it mean to you? How would you like to be treated by your family, friends, colleagues, passers-by on the streets? I am sure you would much rather be treated with respect than not, amiright?  (Sorry for the text shorthand)

Short answer: of course you do. So, let me ask you the tough question here: Why would you treat anyone else in this world any less than you’d expect others to treat you? Perhaps you were raised by egalitarians who have a strict faith in the caste systems or treat social stratification as a religious right. The tougher thought is recognizing that reality and shedding it like yesterday’s (or last week’s depending) underwear. 

Wake up, people! Here are some forms of disrespect that you might not have ever considered are forms of disrespect (and I am just shooting from the hip here)

  • Chronic no-showing. Did you tell someone you’d call, text, email or stop by and then go radio-silent? That is extremely disrespectful. You’re telling that person that they only deserve your attention when it is convenient for you and nothing else. If you tell someone you’re going to see them, etc – DO IT. Otherwise, you’re slapping them in the face.
  • NEVER talk smack about anyone – even your enemies. Why? Because it is a negative emotion and will therefore attract negative things into your professional and personal life. Also, other people who don’t know you that well may be less likely to try and get to know you because – maybe you’ll talk smack about them too!
  • Tell the truth! If you have to cancel because you’re not feeling well or because you double booked, tell them that you messed up. Don’t blame it on the dog or some crazy construction that is happening on your street. This is a fine line, I understand – but always act with honesty and your Karma will repay you, eventually.
  • Treat everyone equally. If you put out the good snacks when the CEO of XYZ, Inc. is coming for a meeting – don’t put out the cheap ones when you’re expecting one of the middle managers. You know what I mean? 

I’ve been on the receiving end of the disrespect – quite recently I might add. I have been POSITIVE CROSSROADSpromised things, appointments, etc. only to have them not happen with no real good explanation – and at the last minute! That tells me that I just don’t matter in the grand scheme of things in that person’s life. But guess what? I won’t bother letting them know I was disrespected. I will treat them just as respectfully as if they had showed up early and brought me the fancy snacks…because everyone deserves respect.

Peace and Love, Always….


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