Positive Blatherings: One Share Ruined My Morning

My headline may be a bit hyperbolic, but it is not too far off. In my pursuit of all things positive, I shared something negative on Facebook the other day – and I think the Universe responded in kind. It was a story about a baseball. I won’t go into the story as to not bring bad the demons – but needless to say, after sending out the negativity in that story, it was returned to me until I recognized what I did and then vowed to refrain from such shares.¬†Karma Cafe

I would challenge any of you who might be reading this article to give it a try. Instead of reposting some terribly negative post about someone or something, take a few days and concentrate on only spreading good and positive news. Just as a self-directed experiment, see how your days go during that time. Now, remember, Karma is not a quick boomerang, it comes around in its own time. Just a thought – because that’s what I am going to do…

Peace and love, always…


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