Positive Blatherings: You Can Do a Podcast (or Anything) Yourself

I see many ads on Facebook or on the browser from self-proclaimed gurus who insist that you need them or your podcast will fail. Only HE knows how to make it a success, only SHE can teach you how to avoid failure when you have a message you wish to get out to the masses. CRAP, I say! I call major BS and I am not afraid to do it. Out of respect for decency, I will not call those folks out, but caveat emptor!

I am not saying that there aren’t experts in any given field – and I am not advocating you attempt knee surgery by learning it off YouTube. But when it comes to podcasts and other ‘non-lifesaving’ skills, you would be surprised what you can handle.

There is enough information online that you can learn from so you can be successful at almost anything you put your mind to. I am  not blowing bytes up your server, either. I am in business to make money, yes…but I am in business to help people by sharing my expertise and am banking on the idea that you have more money than time (so to speak) and would rather I do it for you because it is worth the price! (Plus, I’ma  decent fellow and like a good laugh, so we’d have fun on your project)

Guru-1000x520BUT – I am not necessary for your success. I can definitely help you get their quicker and save you time so you can spend it on other ventures…but if you wanted to…you could do it all yourself and I am sure you would be fine.

So, don’t listen to those sales people who would like you to believe that only THEY can provide you with the answers. Subscribe and you will get their free e-book! Then you are inundated with emails about special offers on how you can own the (insert industry here) market.

Take it from me – you are your own Guru – don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Peace and Love, always….



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